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 [[Quinn Loftis]]\\ [[Quinn Loftis]]\\
 [[Alyson Drake]]\\ [[Alyson Drake]]\\
 +[[Bo Loftis]]\\
-===== Books by Quinn Loftis ===== +===== Book Series by Quinn Loftis ===== 
-[[The Grey Wolves Series]]\\ +[[The LunaVerse]]\\ 
-[[The Gypsy Healer Series]]\\+<wrap indent>[[The Grey Wolves Series]]</wrap>\\ 
 +<wrap indent>[[The Gypsy Healer Series]]</wrap>\\
 [[The Elfin Series]]\\ [[The Elfin Series]]\\
 [[The Dream Maker Series]]\\ [[The Dream Maker Series]]\\
-[[The Nature Hunter Academy Series]]\\ 
-==== Books by Bo & Quinn Loftis ==== 
 [[Clan Hakon Series]]\\ [[Clan Hakon Series]]\\
 +[[The Nature Hunters Academy Series]]\\
 +===== Books by Bo & Quinn Loftis =====
 +[[Flux Powered Novels]]\\
-==== Books by Alyson Drake ====+===== Books by Alyson Drake =====
 [[Call Me Crazy]]\\ [[Call Me Crazy]]\\
-[[The Open Road: A Second Chance Romance]]+[[The Open Road: A Second Chance Romance]]\\ 
 +[[A Sparrow for Job]]\\
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